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I don’t recall when I encountered my first cup of hot tea, or why felt compelled to drink it, but I’m sure it was while I was dating my wife-to-be. I grew up drinking plenty of instant ice tea, but my wife had an affinity for the finer blends of tea.

I grew up on the plains of Illinois in the land of Lincoln, and the local farmers and factory workers were serious coffee drinkers, but I don’t remember any of them taking a break during the day to have tea time. Coffee was consumed, stories were told, friendships developed, and lasing bonds were established around the friendly cup and aroma of some blend of coffee. Maybe tea time is a less social, more quiet part of the day.

Now, I live on the top of a small mountain in Tennessee, where we are surrounded by small towns with small coffee and tea shops. I love wandering into these quaint establishments and listening to the sounds, savoring the aroma, and awake with a hot cup and a friendly smile and hearing the latest news and gossip.

In any case, I hope you enjoy my public collection of news and research about tea shops and the people that keep them running.

Tom Seest